3 Ways to Pray

Some of Patpatar spent many of the last few weeks collecting fallen coconuts, cracking them open, digging out the meat, smoking it for days over a fire, packing it into burlap bags, and hauling it to town so they could buy some rice and fish for their guests travelling to the village for the conference. Others dug holes and constructed temporary outhouses. Still others worked on the lessons that would be taught and made sure everything was ready to host churches from four other tribes.

Fellow Christians from four other language groups have travelled by road and by sea from all across the island to get to the village where Aaron and Lori Luse worked in Patpatar. They are gathering for the annual conference that was started six years ago. There will be no fancy conference hall, no hotels, and no restaurants. Bathing will be done in the small creeks, cooking will be done over fires on the ground and travel will be done by foot.

It’s a huge opportunity, but it is a big undertaking. Here are the 3 ways they need prayer:

1. Travel to and from the conference – Travel by boat across the ocean can be dangerous and risky. Overloaded trucks on the small windy roads can be unsafe. Connections and reliability can be uncertain.

2. Physical needs – Having enough food is always a challenge and can be a worry for the hosts. Health concerns in a communal often less hygienic environment can be a problem.

3. Spiritual wellbeing – Like Jesus’ prayer his disciples was that they would be protected from the evil one, so their biggest concern is the spiritual wellbeing. There are people in the village that are against the church and the conference. The teachers desire to communicate truth clearly even with the limitations of the trade language. The applications need to make a lasting difference.

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