How much does it cost?

Our college fees are amongst the lowest of any Christian College in the United Kingdom. This is because we do not charge tuition and running costs are kept to a minimum by students helping on practical projects three afternoons per week. Click on courses to see costs to study at North Cotes College.

Where will I live?

Accommodation is provided for all students on campus. Singles have their own rooms for sleeping and studying. All their meals are provided in our dining hall, the cost of which is included in their fees. All married students have self-catering apartments.

What about my children?

A nursery is provided on campus for pre-school children. This runs every morning during class hours. For school-age children there are good, local schools with North Cotes Primary School being less than two miles from the campus.

What is your teaching philosophy?

Our teaching philosophy is simply that in the time you are here with us we will:

  1. Help you to understand better what the Bible teaches
  2. Help you to apply that knowledge to your own life
  3. Help you communicate that knowledge to others – particularly those unreached by the Gospel

The emphasis in the Biblical Studies Course is on understanding the Bible, what it teaches and applying that knowledge to our lives. The emphasis on the Cross-Cultural Communications course is on applying that knowledge to reaching unreached people groups with the Gospel. All of the teachers of this course have personal experience of what they teach, having been overseas missionaries themselves.

Do you only take applicants who want to be overseas missionaries?

No, some come to study at North Cotes College simply because they want to get to know God’s Word better. Many go on to take the Cross-Cultural Communications Course and end up on the mission field, however, others return to their home countries to serve God there. The majority of those who take the Cross-Cultural Communications Course serve God with New Tribes Mission but some serve with other missionary organisations.

Who can apply?

All applicants need to be 18 years or over and have the required level of English. To find out more and to download an application form click on our North Cotes College web site.