The process to become a skilled associate
  1. Pre-application
    • Contact us at
    • A member of our team will coordinate your skills with needs on the field.
    • You should be in clear communication with your church leaders regarding your desire to serve the Lord on the mission field.
  2. Application
    • You will be sent an application package which includes details of your qualifications, medical history and references, etc.
    • Completion of the application process usually takes from four to six weeks.
  3. Approval
  4. If your qualifications and references are acceptable and appropriate for the ministry openings available we will contact you to tell you of the approval of your application.
  5. Pre-Field Preparation
  6. You will need to obtain passports, visas and immunisations.
    • You will need to raise prayer and financial support. All NTM members, both associates and full-time, are responsible to see God provide for their economic needs which include travel to and from the field, monthly living expenses, health insurance and any administrative expenses.
  7. Pre-Field Orientation
    • You are expected to attend a Pre-Field Orientation at North Cotes, Lincolnshire. It is usually the last week of June.
  8. Overseas Ministry
    • Associates with NTM-UK may serve for six months up to four years.
  9. Most field leadership teams will ask you to arrive at least two weeks before your ministry assignment begins