Mission Trips for 2018
Papua New Guinea 23rd July-11th August 18

-Dates could change by a day or two
-Orientation is from the 23 – 25 June
-Price £2500* Subject to flight costs and availability

Closing date for applications 31 March


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Vission Trip 2018

Vision Trip 2018










Come and experience firsthand the unique, vital work of cross-cultural missions.

It’s hard work and the living conditions aren’t ritzy, but your Vision trip frees the missionaries to meet the spiritual needs of local people.

In the process your worldview will be changed as you are exposed to the spiritual needs of unreached people groups.

What and Why?

Vision teams take 3 week trips to various NTM locations in order to help missionaries who are working with unreached tribal people groups. We do practical work such as building missionary homes, airstrips, water systems and clinics. One Vision team can accomplish 2000 hours of physical work.

It takes a missionary at least 2000 hours to learn a tribal language so one team can save career missionaries hours of labour that would otherwise take them away from their ministry. Each team has frequent team meetings which gives both missionaries and the team leaders opportunities to share from the Word and speak about their ministries.

So be warned, you will be exposed to and challenged from God’s Word about what role you are going to play in the future to complete the Great commission.


If you are at least 18 years old, are in good health and willing to work hard and be a team player, then SUMMIT Vision has a place for you. Families can sometimes be accommodated on our teams; this depends largely on the project and destination. We can also organise special trips for individual church groups.


Regular trips are planned each summer and are listed online. Church teams can potentially be arranged all year round.


Our teams travel to NTM field locations in Asia, Oceania, West Africa and South and Central America. Projects can be in developed or undeveloped locations.

Destinations vary from remote jungles to busy urban centres. Climates range from very pleasant to very demanding.