The process to become a career missionary

  1. Pre-application
    • Email us at, a member of our candidate team will help you determine where and when you can enter NTM’s training, and help direct you in this process.
    • You should talk with and receive guidance from your church leaders.
  2. Application
    • Complete the application process (this takes about four to six weeks).
  3. Training
  4. Membership
    • When you successfully complete your training, the NTM-UK Committee will decide whether to accept you as a career member of New Tribes Mission. Membership is not guaranteed to all who complete training, but it is our goal that everyone who completes training is qualified and ready for service with NTM.
  5. Pre-Field Preparation
    • Obtain your passports, visas and immunisations.
    • Raise prayer and financial support: You are responsible for the cost of travel, monthly living, insurance and limited administrative expenses.
  6. On-field Orientation
    • When you arrive in the country where you will serve, you will learn the primary language spoken there, become familiar with the country’s culture, and learn about NTM’s operations there.
  7. Ministry
    • After orientation, you are ready to begin ministry. If you are a church planter, you will work in cooperation with NTM leaders in the country to locate a new or existing work to take part in. Missionaries in support roles will begin their ministry as part of the church planting team. In most cases, missionaries go on home assignment for one year after each four years of service.