Where does NTM have opportunities for missionaries?

You’ll find opportunities everywhere NTM missionaries are: Latin America, Africa and Asia-Pacific, as well as North America, Europe and Australia. Locations vary, from isolated jungles to bustling cities, hot lowlands to cool mountainsides, and lush rainforests to arid areas. The climate varies accordingly. Most locations offer gorgeous scenery. All provide great opportunity for cultural awareness and enrichment.

Can you tell me more about NTM’s training?

Learn about training at North Cotes College, NTM’s Bible School and Missionary Training Centre.

How are missionaries’ ministries funded?

NTM missionaries are not paid. They look to the Lord for provision of their financial needs, knowing God meets the needs of those who are in His service primarily through His people.

New Tribes Mission gives missionaries training and support in effective and appropriate methods of developing financial partnerships.

What is a wife’s role as an NTM missionary?

NTM sees family as an integral part of ministry. A key portion of the ministry missionaries have in the community at large is the example they set in living out their beliefs in the context of a healthy family lifestyle. Parents must seek God’s wisdom in working out the harmony of serving in ministry as they lead their family.

NTM expects a commitment of both husband and wife to ministry.  However, what that ministry looks like will vary depending on individual family needs and abilities.

What types of educational programmes are available for my children?

New Tribes Mission desires to help parents ensure that children are educated properly, in line with the standards that exist in their home countries. Available educational programmes vary by location.

Typically, more than a third of the children of NTM members are home-schooled. We actively support home-schooling parents, providing certified teachers to assist parents when available.

More than a quarter attend NTM schools and live with their parents. About 10 percent attend NTM mission schools and live in dorms, and approximately 10 percent attend schools jointly operated by multiple mission organisations.

The remainder — about one-fifth — are in a variety of other educational settings, such as schools in the UK, local public schools, private schools and correspondence courses.

What if I’ve struggled in the past with moral issues?

By God’s grace, as we submit to the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, He conforms us over time to the image of Jesus Christ. Admission coaches will work with you to determine your readiness to enter training with NTM.

What if I am in debt?

Our policy is for all incoming candidates to be debt-free. However, we consider each person’s situation regarding home mortgages, car payments and your ability to maintain these while in the training. Business matters, property arrangements and other situations involving finances must be satisfactorily arranged prior to entering the training.

What if I have been divorced and/or remarried?

A couple with divorce in their backgrounds will be considered for serving in NTM if divorce and remarriage took place prior to salvation.

A divorced single person whose spouse has died will be considered for service in NTM.

How do I get started?

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us or call us at +44(0)1472 387700.